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About Us

Dramatic Photographic is based in Sydney Australia, and has been selling high quality images on this website for over 10 years.  We pride ourselves on selling realistic looking images in limited numbers.


Commercial Sales

Dramatic Photographic images are available for commercial use.  Typical applications include:

  • Commercial printing at up to 100 inches (2.5meters) wide

  • Websites

  • Catalogues, Advertisings

  • Greeting cards, etc

Previous customers include ImagesAustralia, SydneyPhotoTour,  MigrationOz, the IBM Fanmail Olympic site, various Travel and Real-Estate agencies, etc...

 Please note that the images displayed on this website are highly compressed.  Purchased images will be significantly clearer and sharper.

All prices quoted are in US dollars.  The initial price excludes delivery costs until the country and postcode are entered.


To Purchase

To purchase an image, click on the 'BUY' icon on the relevant thumbnail.  The thumbnail should be updated to show the 'Buy Print' and 'Download' options:



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IE8,9 and FireFox4 have been tested successfully.


Older / Broken browser.

Some older browsers may show poorly positioned options, but should still work.



Buy Print

Please contact us for advice prior to ordering any large prints.  Some images have strong noise/grain which may reduce to appeal to some people. Personally, I feel this sometimes adds atmosphere. 

A number of our panoramics can be printed at 150DPI at over 2.5meters wide.  Maximum image size at a perceived quality level is very dependent on viewing distance.  Again, we can provide advice on this.

Print sizes available depend on the aspect ratio and original image resolution, and range from 10x10inches to up to 100inches wide.  Each image will display a different maximum print size, calculated automatically based on the original image’s resolution. Note that the maximum size available for each image is calculated to give approx 150DPI on the print.  If you plan to have a very close viewing distance and micro-detail is important, please choose at least one step down from the maximum displayed size.

Eg:  Clicking the 'BUY' and 'Buy Print' buttons will show the print selection window:


Above we can see that the maximum available print size for this particular image has been calculated as 16x23.5 inches.  Several things to note are:

The standard print size is 16x24, but this has automatically been adjusted to the images aspect ratio so that you don’t get uneven borders.

The maximum print size for this particular image of 15MP at ~150DPI is 16x23.5 inches.  If you desire finer detail (>150DPI), please choose the next print size down, eg in this image 12x17.6 inches.


Paper Type

Various finishes are available.  Clicking on the orange text next to 'Paper Type' (see above sample window) gives additional options:

Genuine photo paper (not inkjet):

Kodak ENDURA Glossy - Like the name suggests, Glossy is a shiny finish that offers vibrant colours

Kodak ENDURA Lustre - Lustre is a paper with a matte finish that is fingerprint-resistant. It offers the same colour saturation as Glossy, without the extra glare.

Kodak ENDURA Metallic - The ultimate premium print, Metallic prints have a rich distinctive look with exceptional sharpness, brightness, and saturation.


In addition, certain limited images are available on Canvas.  Personally I believe Canvas is more suitable to portraits rather than landscapes, but that's just me!                                    

3 wrap types are available:



Canvas Gallery Wrap:


  Canvas Board Wrap:
 Canvas Board Mounted:


Should you wish to do your own printing, or you find the delivery costs objectionable, you may wish to instead buy a digital download, as described below.


Digital Image Downloads

Image Downloads are available in 2 categories –

  • ‘Screen Resolution’  of 1600x~1200pixels, exact size depending upon the aspect ratio. 

  • ‘Original’, with the size depending on the equipment and methodology used to take the image.  Sizes  can range from 6MegaPixels to over 50MegaPixels for the panoramics.  Details on the image size can be found in the caption under each image after the thumbnail has been clicked.  For example, the following image will be downloaded as 31Megapixels.

The technical Quality rating gives an indication of the sharpness and noise levels of the image.  Items rated 'A' can be considered as very high quality, and will likely have been taken with a Canon 5DmkII and 'L' series lenses. Items rated 'C' are likely 10+ years old and taken on Fuji Provia film scanned by a Nikon 4000ED scanner.  These images still have artistic merit, but cannot compete with modern digital cameras in terms of noise and sharpness.  Again, contact us for advice and samples.   The price charged takes into account both the Image Size/Resolution and Technical Quality.

Note that digital downloads and prints do not contain the above yellow watermark.

Additional images, Larger Samples and advice are available on request, please Contact Us.
Should you wish to purchase under different licensing arrangements, please contact us to discuss. 
Please Click Here to pay the agreed price.