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Belly Report 1



Week 12 of my pregnancy just passed, safely! Thank God! This is the time most people in the western countries would tell friends and families about the news. I couldn't wait this long to share my joy with the world.

It is hard to believe there is actually a life developing in my belly. At week 5, I think I can feel the baby's heart beat, which according to Mike is bit crazy.

I always love food. At this particular time, I have the best opportunity to love it more. I call it the life-time chance to eat without guilt. I am so lucky  that I had no morning sickness at all through all the three months. People told me it is very likely that I won't get any. Lucky, lucky!

I have had crazy craving for my hometown spicy food, which for many years I have gradually forgotten. Suddenly all the food became tasteless unless it has lots of chilly, ginger, garlic, vinegar etc.   Mike who has the most sensitive nose complained all the time that the house is smelly. Well, I have my excuse. I am also crazy about soup. Every meal I have to have some soup. When we were traveling last month, I had to beg the coffee shop for hot water so I could make a bowl of spicy soup with the instant noodle spice.  

Exercise? No! I  exercised a lot before I was pregnant. Taking the advise of  my mum and many friends (Mainly Chinese ), I didn't do any exercise in the first three months. My 47-year-old Australian friend Annie became pregnant at almost same time as me. And she still runs every day and even occasionally does10 km running. I started to do exercise two days ago, riding my stationary bike for 20 minutes and then 15 minutes swimming. I felt so good afterwards. I feel a little bit regretful for not doing any exercise for so long.
The result? As Mike said, the baby is only as big as a grape, my belly is already like a watermelon. I have gained 2.5 k, which is bit too much according to my book. Finding proper clothes has already become a problem. I have to wear my skirt most time. My friend Olivia just gave me a pair of maternity pants. ( As seen on the picture.) They are very comfortable. With the low-cut design, I guess I can wear it until the very end of my pregnancy.
Something really surprised me is that my good temper, which I had been very proud of, has disappeared since I was pregnant. As Mike said:  I became a monster girl.  I always argue with him and Mark, my business partner. It seems so true that I couldn't control the hormone fluctuations! What an excuse!
I have been very  stressful with  my business, which is bad, I know.  I have done lots of changes to my shop. I want to try my best to improve the business before my baby is born.
It is even harder for  Mike to believe the fact that he is going to be father in a few months. I keep reminding him by calling him " father Mike". His response is always the same word: scary! He is scared of all the possible changes coming which might turn his  life upside-down.  But what about the joy? I hope when the baby is born he will change his mind.
Baby sex? We have decided to keep it as an exciting secret.  I always think I prefer a boy. But now I think it doesn't matter. Since I want to have two. I prefer a boy and a girl though. Mike's sister just gave birth to a second boy. She is considering have the third one. Three? That is beyond Mike's imagination.
Baby name? I love the girl's name: Juliet. It is perfect because it is a beautiful name and also carries my Chinese Surname "Zhu". For boy's name, we were thinking about " Charles", then my friend, Jiangwen has names her new borne baby " Charles", ( What a coincidence!)  I guess I'd better find a new one.  Any suggestions are welcome!
Well, here I am, start my week 13! I am going to see the the doctor for the first time at the end of this month. Although my mum is a specialist and I can phone her at any time. It is great to have a doctor who will give me all the regular check.