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Belly report 3


Is it a girl or boy?

People have been making different predictions and gave me all sorts of reasons. I laughed at most of them - "I look radiant so it must be a girl." Could it be something to do with the new cream I have been using? "My belly looks round, must be a boy". 

I eat a lot these days! However, my Chinese doctor friend felt my pulse at my second month and claimed that he has definitely got the truth. He sounded so professional that I begged him not to tell me.

So what is your guess?

I have been asked too many times by friends where my belly reports 3 and 4 are. I almost felt guilty for being so lazy. But then I think again,  the reason for me not writing anything is that not much has happened.

I have had such a good pregnancy, nothing to complain about, nothing dramatic or unpleasant has happened.  Feeling the baby’s movement for the first time at week 21 was very exciting, but because I had been waiting for it for so long, I just felt relieved rather than excited. 

As time is getting closer and closer, my nesting instinct is stronger and stronger. I have borrowed as many baby books as I can (from three different libraries) baby care and health, baby brain games, baby development, baby food etc. Of course I couldn’t be possibly read them all, not even half to be honest. But browsing these books made me feel more and more like a Mother. I can feel my heart is getting softer and my mind is more and more occupied by my soon-coming baby.

My best friend Jiangwen phoned me often from France. Her son is about three month old.  Jiangwen is one of the happiest mothers I have known. I am so envious of her. From what I read from the book, I know that baby can be an angle or a monster? What kind of baby will we get? Not sure but keep my fingers crossed! There is one thing I know for sure, I will love my baby very much as he (she) is.  

Mike and I started to buy baby stuff, sling, baby socks, hat, wrap, and nappies… many little but expensive things for a new life. Everything has to be in neutral colour since we don’t know the baby sex. But we didn't buy many clothes because I think it is better to wait. Yesterday we finally bought the pram, a three-wheel stroller. It is the biggest thing we have bought. But today, Ron told me that he and Betty had decided long time ago they would buy the pram for our baby. He insisted on paying for it. I can’t be more thankful. Since both of Mike's and my parents are far away, our baby will be so happy to have a loving Australian grandpa.

Mike’s friend Kat is going to give us a bassinet, changing table etc. We have got a cot from my friend Peter and Olivia. Nearly week 27!  We are almost ready!

12 more weeks to go!  Yippy!!