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生日快乐  Happy Birthday!


外国人非常重视生日,经常去参加Mike 朋友的生日庆祝,看别人吹蜡烛,很羡慕。我很是后悔去年的生日什么都没有做。 今年我早就打算好了请一帮朋友去海边野餐。请帖一个月前就发了,上周又专程去考察了一下地点。没想到到了今天,天气突变,乌云滚滚,下大暴雨。只好通知所有的人取消野餐,20几个人,也没办法都挤到我里。Mike 的几个朋友说他们已经准备好了饭菜,一定要来,所以,我们在我家搞了个小聚会。

吹蜡烛,听别人给自己唱生日歌, 收生日礼物的感觉真好!



Mike的朋友Emma 亲自给我做的生日蛋糕。

Emma made the beautiful birthday cake for me by herself. It was so yummy!   Darren made a huge bowl of fruit salad, enough for 20 people for two weeks. ( In Mike's words.)

I look so fat. Oh, well, the only chance I can be fat without feeling bad.

It is my birthday! The number is scary. Oh, well, it is still a chance for party! Long time ago, I decided to have a big party this year before I officially become a mother. Because many of my friends have children, I thought it might be a good idea to have a picnic by the water.

I sent my invitation one month advance, last week Mike and I specially went to check the site. I prepared everything possible except the most important thing: the weather.

Saturday it rained the whole day.  And Sunday, please no.... I was devastated! The picnic has to be cancelled.  So we ended up with a small party in my home with a few of Mike's friends.


It is a small party, but the Atmosphere was great. The feeling of blowing out the candles, hearing people singing " happy birthday' and getting lots of gifts are wonderful! I felt very warm and happy!

Thank you every one!


Sun and Moon

(Believe me, that's their real name!)

They gave me a surprise: Illustrator CS ( Don't ask me where they got it.)


David washed all the dishes for me although I kept telling him stop.

What a wonderful man!