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Our Wedding  Day


> Part 2 <



The 8 seater Limo was waiting for us. 

It was only 15 minutes drive to the church. 



My father said to me: this is a dream day for your mum and me as well, because you finally have a home now! 



At the same time, Mike was waiting at Church for me, a bit nervous, he said. 


Emma was helping him, making sure everything 
was right.


With his best man, funny Valentine, Mike looked more relaxed.


As always, his
mother gave 
him lots of support. 


I arrived at the church 10 minutes late, which was meant to happen, As I was told,  'let him wait' is the tradition.


The bell was ringing,  Here comes the Bride!


"Is my hair ok?" I kept asking my father at the entrance.. 


My three flower girls, Ini, Isabella,
 and Angela. 

My old friend, Cai Xia and her family came from Germany for my wedding. It was very special to me to have them there. 


As the music started,  the  page boy, Ma Haotian led the procession. 


Followed by the little girls.

They were so cute!


Then Christian, me and my father. 


In the front, Mike was looking at me...


Every one 
was thrilled. 



My father gave me away to Mike. A very emotional moment for him!


The flower The church book


             The audience


The minister


Say "I will"!


The time stopped at this moment...



Exchanging the rings.


   "You may kiss the Bride"



Signing the 



now husband and wife! Michael and Zhu sha Thicke! 

I am still not sure how I will change my name yet!







We were overwhelmed. 




                        The whole atmosphere was unforgettable!





Tong Tong was having fun!







All the guests, some from overseas. It is a shame that most of 
my family and close friends are in China and couldn't be here.


Saying  goodbye to everyone, we left
for a romantic tour
 around the city.







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Most photographs on this page are by our professional photographer, Deyan


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