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Our Wedding  Day


> Part 3 <



Saying  goodbye to everyone, we left
for a romantic tour
 around the city.


     On the street



At Martin place...


In the park


 Showing off my beautiful wedding ring!


Opera house and the bridal party.


Just us



Shall we go to the beach,


and have some fun?


Ok, but please don't 
get my wedding dress wet...


Oh, no... help!


Husband saved me!


Come on, let's run!


Run fast!


Where are you taking me to?


 a shelter! 


looking forward to the future...


Hi, my sweet heart...


                                          forever, together...




 Time for some 




At 6:30, we arrived at the reception 


All the guests gave us a big welcome!


Everyone just loved the fantastic view!


and the lovely 
table setting!


The guest name cards 
were our own design.  


The seating plan for 
five tables of guests. 


We made a photo album to tell everyone our story, including some of the first emails we exchanged. Unfortunately I had this idea a bit late and I didn't finish making it until 10 minutes before we walked into the reception. Mike said I was crazy but I am glad I did it. Everyone seemed to love it.


And of course, everyone was very impressed with our creative wedding cake!


Guests enjoyed lots of drink 
and canopies!


The buffet dinner was " absolutely amazing", everyone said.  


My father brought  Maotai, the Chinese national drink. We toasted to all the guests according to Chinese tradition. The strong taste shocked most people, I must say. 



I changed in to my 
Chinese Qipao. 
Then  we served Chinese tea to 
the parents of both sides.




My father's speech is very wise.   The best man, Valentine's speech was hilarious and made everyone laugh. 


Mike's speech was very touching. "I never doubted she was the one for me from the first moment I met her!" It is not traditional for the Bride to speak at the wedding so I didn't prepare. But I felt I had a lot of words to say. Everyone said my speech was very special. 


Cake cutting was another highlight of the night.


The first waltz.


Michael removed
the garter from me.


The garter didn't go far. Out of all the single men, Daren, who tried the hardest, got it. 


Lots of dance, music, drink, the party continued until midnight.
It was a perfect day! Everything went so well. We couldn't be happier!


 Happily ever after...








A big thank you to all the people who helped us with our wedding such as our caterer Zest, photographer Deyan, florist Kitty, hairdresser Tony,  bestman Valentine and bridesmade Christine.  Without you, our dream wedding day wouldn't have been so perfect!


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