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 第一张宝宝照片  Our first baby pictures


今天第一次去做B超。B超做了50多分钟,我都有点担心,但最后高兴地得知一切都正常。医生特意问我两次要不要知道宝宝的性别,我谢绝了。我和Mike 说好了要保持神秘感。



My first Ultrasound  was done today at week 20.
It took more than 50 minutes, much longer than I expected. I was bit worried. But then I was told everything was fine. Baby was just moving too much. Amazing, I couldn't feel anything!
I was so fascinated by baby's movement. He ( she ) is actually there, growing a little by little. One day after a few months, I will be able to hold him ( her) in my arms. I can't wait for that day!
Baby head , I think he (She) looks like Mike.
Baby foot, so cute!   宝宝的脚