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On 27th March 2005, dear Betty passed away.  On 1st April, a memorial service was held in the Concord hospital Chapel, where many of Ron and Betty's families and friends shared their love and sadness to the loss of Betty.

There was no funeral for Betty because both Ron and Betty pledged to donate themselves to 'Central Sydney Laboratory Service Department of Forensic Medicine'. 

Ron said:

"Betty and I realised that her organs were not going to be worth donating, and mine wont be either in a few years time. When we learnt about the full body donor scheme, we decided to do that rather than go up the chimney in a puff of smoke.

We also agreed to become brain donors as well, they are constantly needing 'fresh' brains to help in the study of Alzheimer's disease and Dementia, both crippling diseases amongst older folks.  Betty and I took part in mental tests and so forth, and signed for the science people 'Using our Brains' to harvest them as soon as we passed away. Some people think this is morbid, we prefer to believe our remains may help future generations with health problems.

So dear Betty is at the laboratory right now, her brain has been harvested and her body will be studied for some time, student specialists hopefully learning from her. When it is all over she will be cremated, and her ashes spread amongst the flowers to help them grow. " 


This picture and the following words were put next to Betty's body in the Laboratory.

Respect and value me, as my family and I respect you, and your dreams.

I was not always old and ravaged by illness, it is with my weary but much loved body that I entrust your studying for future medical science. Look & learn, for I too am human woman.

Once I stood tall and beautiful, I gave life to four daughters, and even now am a proud great-grandmother. Age and illness have taken their toll upon me, as they do to most others of my age. My genes and love live on though.

Wonderful doctors have prolonged my life by many years, in part payment to them I bequeath you my remains in the hope that you may emulate their skills and follow in their pathways.

You have in your care now the beloved memories of my husband and family, treat them with due dignity I beg you.

Written on behalf of our beloved Betty, by Ron and family.



Betty is loved by lots of people. When they remember Betty,
they will always remember her beautiful smiling face.




At my wedding day,

22 Nov, 2004





At my Citizenship ceremony,

Australian day, 2005


 Goodbye, dearest Betty. May peace be with you.