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Easter Holiday


Everyone says Easter is the worst time to travel. Unfortunately I realized this a bit late.  I thought there shouldn't be any problem for us to get a room since we were only going to Dubbo, a place in the middle of no where. I nearly gave up after I tried calling almost all the motels, ledges and B&B. Luckily I found accommodation at the end.

We only just bought a new car. 11 hours drive is certainly a goo test drive. Mike is very happy with the car.

Mike always wanted to see the big telescope at Parks which brought pictures of the Apollo moon landing.
To me, it means very little.
I look Sooo pregnant!
Dubbo zoo is a half open zoo. The animals here seemed to be much happier. We saw lots of interesting animals,  the tigers, rhinoceros, giraffe, elephant etc.


The zoo is pretty big so we hired a buggy. It was a quite pleasant way to see the animals.


Dinner at the steak house with our good friends Son and Moon.
No they are not Chinese. Son is Vietnamese and Moon is from south Korea.
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