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Canoeing in Kangaroo Valley

Kangaroo Valley is 3 hours drive from Sydney. For many years, it has been a favourite place to canoe for Mike and his best friends Valentine and Daren.  Last year, I went there for the first time. This weekend we went down there again. The other two girls were busy so only four of us went together.   

It was election day. We stopped on the way so that Daren and  Val can vote. I couldn't vote because I am not a citizen yet. Mike missed this election because he didn't send his enrolment form on time after we moved house. He might be fined, silly boy!

The weather is great as always.   It is so peaceful in the valley. The only thing we hear is the oars splashing the water, and the birds flying and singing.


Valentine took his own blow-up canoe. 

He and Darien were fishing on the way.  Last time,

I remember they got more than 10 fish and then let  all of them go.

I was  so disappointed. For our Chinese, one of the main

reasons of fishing is to catch fish and then eat them!!

What's wrong with these stupid western  men? I thought!


"Row, row the boat'  Three hours rowing is quite hard work,

but also fun.

Mike always laughs at me for loving dead trees. 

But I think they are so pretty.

Every now and then, a native lizards would surprised us, scuttling along the bank.  
Finally we got to a flat beach,  which is perfect for camping.  
There are plenty of wood we can pick up and set up a big fire.

The boys always say that  lighting fire is the highlight of camping.

The night is full of fun, cooking, drinking, laughing...   
I waked up early in the morning and swum in the river. I normally swim in the pool, but  I found that swimming in the natural water is so different and so refreshing.  
Followed by a sun bath!  Can't be better!  
While the guys cooked a yummy breakfast!  
After breakfast, we collected everything and made our way home. Another three hours rowing!  
By dusk, we returned the canoe and  went to a local pub,

where we had a feast and finished a wonderful weekend in

Kangaroo valley.

Photography and words by Zhu Sha   Oct 9 2004