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A Sunday stroll

This is an ordinary Sunday. Mike and I decided to take a walk. After 15 minutes drive from our home, we came to Woolwich in  Sydney harbor.   Sydney has one of the best harbors in the world. The water way runs all the way to the west for more than 40 kilometers so that people in the whole city has very easy access to water.  

Sydney is a heaven for outdoor lovers. It is always sunny and the temperature is always  pleasant.  
I feel very lucky to live here.  

Fishing is one of the most popular sports. People love anything related to the water, swimming, fishing, boat, water ski, surfing, sailing...  
One of my Chinese friends is very into fishing. He caught a 20-kilo shark the other day. According to him, the shark meat is not very tasty.  

BBQ is the most popular activity in Australia on a Sunday afternoon, either at people's backyard or by the beach, or at the park. There are always many free BBQ facilities for people to use. This one definitely looks bit worn out.  

I always feel Australian kids are the luckiest.  They can enjoy life to the full. I can't remember anything else about my childhood except the endless study, of which most are pretty useless stuff.  My friend's daughter, an 8-year-old girl who had studied for one year in China  said she would rather die than going back to Chinese school.  Not surprised! What does a child like? Fun!! A lot of fun!  

The dog is also lucky! They are just treated as part of the family.
My friend Ron and his wife refused to go to nursing home simply because they didn't want to give away their dog!

People love sports here. Swimming is so popular. You can find pool everywhere. This small pool is free to use.


In Sydney, it seems people  go running at anytime of the day.



What a spot to meet friends and have fun!



Australian are said to be lazy.   Is it true or just people here are lucky.


People here just love sunshine!  Chinese people often ask: are they crazy? Why aren't they afraid of sunshine?
In weekend, most people  go to the beach and have sun bath.  There are more than 30 beaches in Sydney area. The famous one, Bondi beach is only 15 minutes away from the city.


 Do I look more and more 'Australian'? Oh, dear!


Words and photograph by Zhu Sha      Sep  2004