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Christmas Holiday 圣诞旅行


Melbourne - Great ocean road - Kangaroo Ireland - Adelaide

Mike and I planned this holiday three months ago, just before I knew that I was pregnant. My mum said " no, you are not allowed to go, it's too dangerous in the first three months"   My western friends said: "Why not? It is the best chance to travel. You won't have time after the baby is born!" To me this sounds very true. Plus my mum is far away! So on Dec 24, we began our new adventure.



Dec 24:  Fly to Melbourne and then hired a car.

Dec 25-27  Drive along the beautiful coastline: Great Ocean Road.

Dec 27  Arrive in Adelaide.

Dec 28-29   Kangaroo Ireland.

Dec 30    Fly back to Sydney.





People often debate which city is better:  Sydney or Melbourne. Well, I definitely love Sydney, but Melbourne has its own beautiful parts . This is the Yarra river.


The Great Ocean Road is the most talked-about coastline in Australia, probably in the world as well. Everywhere we stopped, we enjoyed the beautiful view. 



I certainly didn't expect the weather would be so cool. I had to wear my blue jumper all the time!

I took every chance to climb the rocks. Imagine what my mum would say if she sees this! 千万不要让我妈看见这个!  


I  found this cute Echidna on the rock.


Mike and his camera. I often complained  that he spent too much  time on this hobby. And then he would say: that's because you have no passion!" Passion all right! It means we have to go to the same place four times when we have very limited time traveling. Because " the light is different at different times of the day.   
Mike 永远拿着他的相机。    



Mike is obsessed with lighthouses. Wherever there is one, he has to climb it and take photos.  
Mike 最喜欢灯塔,每到一个地方,他都会去灯塔。  



We took an exciting helicopter tour to see the coastline!  

This was the first time for me to be on helicopter. I wasn't scared at all. Just busy with taking video and  photos.

The famous "Twelve Apostles"  
London Bridge has fallen down.  
Nearly 600 Km  driving from the end of great ocean road to Adelaide is bit boring: Most places are the same, dry fields, cows.    



A 40 minute ferry journey took us and our car to Kangaroo island, a land of  native Australian animals, flora and fauna.


Kangaroo Ireland is full of excitement! Seal bay is one of the very few places in the world you can see wild Sea lions. Many years ago I saw a picture of a Japanese girl with these sea lions. I was so envious: I have to see them one day. Today I am here with these incredible creatures!     
They are very calm, being used to people walking around them.  
Most of them are sleeping like an angel!  
A baby! So cute!  
Off  to the ocean, searching for food!  
Kangaroos, Wallabies are everywhere! No wonder this island is named after them.  
Camping in the national park is an adventure. At night we hear all sorts of animals crawling, jumping and shouting.  
 This naughty Wallaby stole my expensive grapes. Mike even threatened him with a shoe but he wouldn't leave.  
This Kangaroo is waiting outside of our tent for more food!  



Strange plants    

Pretty flowers!  

More seals! These are New Zealand fur seals.  
Interesting cave and resting seals
The Remarkable Rocks.  
White sand dunes! Hard to imagine they are actually surrounded by bushes.  
And bit culture of the Island.  These are the post-boxes of the locals. A fridge, what a cool idea!   
Although I was tired most of the time because of the impending baby, it was an adventurous holiday.

Photography and words by Zhu Sha  and Mike January 2005